Ice Age Art – Arrival of the Modern Mind was another fantastic afternoon enjoyed by Age UK Islington’s clients last Sunday. Viewing carvings from over 40,000 years ago one attendee said:

I was amazed such intricate objects were made then. I always imagined people of that time going around with clubs and boulders!

Another said:

It was very enjoyable. The pieces were fascinating – they even had one of a man’s body with a lion’s head. To think people over 40,000 years ago were so creative, and with such crude tools!

One attendee, currently studying anthropology and psychology, also attended the curator’s talk by Jill Cook which he said was so fascinating he has now signed up to six more talks at The British Museum! He said:

It was really interesting and a lot of it was new to me. I would recommend anyone going to see it!

We will certainly be back for more, so thank you British Museum!