The sunny Tuesday afternoon just gone was spent at Freightliners Farm drinking tea, having a lovely chat and making new friends over the planting of chilli seeds. We welcomed several new attendees (or Get Togetherees) including a lady who brought along her 95 year old neighbour – both avid Arsenal supporters with season tickets and attending every game!

Half term madness meant there were plenty of children around the farm, stroking the animals and digging up strawberry plants with the help of farm volunteers. Some curious children even helped us plant a seed or two – hopefully they will be growing the next Get Together.

Join us next time on Tuesday 19th March to find out!
1.30 – 3pm at Freightliners Farm, Sheringham Road.

FF Feb group
The group gather round to plant their spicy seeds!

FF FEB planting seeds
Seeds are organised into types – from mild to dangerously hot!

FF Feb seed packets
One new attendee checks the chilli seed packets.

FF Feb seeds
A farm helper hands out the seeds.