Monday saw a fantastic Italian cooking demonstration (and taster!) from chef Valentino at Cafe Cucina 327. Delicious smells wafted through the cosy cafe as Valentino showed us the different stages of creating a basic pasta and tomato dish and a lovely mushroom (fungi!)  risotto. Every had a lovely time smelling, tasting and watching as Valentino chopped, boiled and stirred the fresh Italian ingredients to create the two dishes. We were lucky enough to have more than a generous taster each and left feeling full and very satisfied – now to recreate it at home!

Join us every Monday for the regular coffee afternoon from 3.30 – 5pm at Cafe Cucina 327, on the corner of Lyon Street off Caledonian Road.

Valentino shows us the basics of making a good sauce.

Lovely gourds in the cafe.

Valentino tosses parmesan (parmiggiano) into the pasta dish – he says it’s better to coat it all at once to spread the flavour rather than add it at the end.

poster pic

The finished mushroom risotto – Valentino says to not stir the risotto rice as it will make it too creamy and starchy, rather add butter at the end.

The tomato sauce is seasoned with herbs and ready for the pasta.

Our very generous taster portions!

All gone!