Pips Dish put on another fabulous feast for us this Wednesday as we told our food stories to each other. The chef Bruno again delighted everyone with his fantastic creations of fish stew and vegeatable soup to start.

The stories shared amongst Get Togetherees were fascinating – from childhoods in Scotland spent eating stew and dumplings on the rare occasions the weekly dinner schedule was broken (never varied for 15 years), to mothers with no idea about food (“Lettuce would come with a slug, apples had maggots and meat with tubes in!”), to poverty stricken dinners of boiled rice with jam.

There were longings for traditional stuffed hearts and faggots (“Kids these days would turn their nose up!”) or Hungarian goulash and strudel on the rare days a father was at home, to the fond memories of the cockle and winkle man coming round, and being treated to a pile of toast to go with them.

Pie and Mash was also a shared London memory, with memories of the live eels outside the shop on Chapel Market and children watching as they were beheaded and gutted whilst still alive (“We must have been very sadistic!”). More gory tales arose of rabbits bled and hanging over sinks for stew and children hiding as mothers headed off to kill chickens.

We spoke of the missed regularity of yellow split pea soup every Thursday in a Swedish childhood to comemorate the poisoning of a Swedish King, to Italian mothers in war time England making fresh pasta with dried egg.

It was another lovely afternoon. Join us next time – PLEASE CALL TO SIGN UP as places are limited (and only available for over 55s living in Islington) – 0207 281 6018.

Every Wednesday from 12.30 – 2pm, Pips Dish, 133B Upper Street

Feb Pips Dish group

Bruno explains the background of the project to the group – managing to avoid the cheeky heckling!

FEB Pips Dish fish

Fish is prepared and baked ready for the stew. Delicious!