One of our clients, Janette Innis, began volunteering with our Activity service and has been a regular volunteer over the last few months helping to make calls to encourage new clients to join in with our activities.

Recently receiving a Certificate of Appreciation at our Volunteer Awards presented by the Mayor and improving her confidence hugely through getting involved and meeting new people, Janette was inspired to write a poem about Age UK – thank you Janette!

Since coming into contact with Age UK they’ve brightened up my life, with endless help and activities you need not be bored no more.

Because of the help I received it spurred me on to enquire, about how I might be required.

You can go on outings near and far, enjoying yourself with others.

Come help, come host, there’s socialising, making new friends, learning new skills.

So come one and all, and join us, let’s join in the fun there for us.

Need help with forms, we’re here to please, to steer you through the forms minefield,

So don’t be shy take your first step, to get our help, cause we will always do our best.

So don’t delay in coming forward, ’cause you’ll find out we’ll never falter.

All colours, all creeds, come mingle with us and you’ll see what we offer with us.

Poem by Janette Innis