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We can’t wait until this Thursday 4th July for our next trip to The British Museum for a talk and tour around the Japan Gallery!

These tours are free and open for all – s0 join us this Thursday at 10.30am (meet at Meeting Point 2 near the Information Desk in the main foyer) for an 11.00 tour (in the Japan Gallery, Level 5, Room 92). No booking necessary, but do call us for more information on 0207 281 6018.

See more information about the beautiful Japanese galleries here.

On Friday we headed off to The British Museum to enjoy a fantastic afternoon of handling unusual, weird and wonderful musical instruments. From contemporary Maori-inspired Conch shell trumpets, to carved wooden flutes, simple yet satisfying rhythmic stones and African wire ‘pianos’; we played our melodic (and not so…) way through the session.

Exploring materials, textures, sounds and shapes we were spoken through the inspiration, myth and legend behind the instruments by Harvinder and her brilliant colleagues from The British Museum’s Community Partnerships team.

We then headed up into the ‘Living and Dying’ exhibition space to see other similar exhibits to what we had been handling moments before. The opportunity to touch, smell and play the instruments really brought to life the objects behind the glass – and subsequently provided an informative and vivid glimpse into the lives and cultures of those who invented and played them.

Thank you British Museum!

Join us on more tours and workshops – call Activities Manager Ellie Shipman to book your place on 0207 281 6018.

african piano BM exhib 2 BM exhib BM Laughing conch raiyo conch


We are very pleased to announce a special event taking place at

The Arc Centre with The British Museum on Tuesday 9th April from 10.30am – 12pm.

The British Museum have very kindly offered us an object handling workshop with artist Chloe Cooper. We will be handling objects and artefacts from the museum’s collections and trying our own Ice Age style carving into soap.

We also have some more tickets for a community preview on Saturday 25th May.

Call Ellie now to book your place on either – or both! Places are limited so we will be on a first come first serve basis. Contact us – 0207 281 6018

Photo credits: The British Museum

Last Sunday our clients were treated to another fantastic afternoon at The British Museum this time exploring the preserved towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Hosted by Raiyo, our new Get Together host, the group had a brilliant time learning about the AD79 way of life – not so different from ours.

‘AD 79. In just 24 hours, two cities in the Bay of Naples in southern Italy were buried by a catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Preserved under ash, the cities lay buried for just over 1,600 years, their rediscovery providing an unparalleled glimpse into the daily life of the Roman Empire.

From the bustling street to the intimate spaces of a Roman home, this major exhibition will take you to the heart of people’s lives in Pompeii and Herculaneum.’
British Museum


Today artist Michelle was our guest at the Duke of Cambridge Get Together as she ran a lovely session on local history. Bringing in maps spanning decades and even centuries gone by we compared past and present, also drawing on the Get Together-ees’ own experiences and memories, as well as their own photos, books and stories from the area. Many found they had known the same shop owners, the histories of local buildings, attended the same schools and got married in the same churches. It was a lovely way to connect people and a great illustration of the wealth of knowledge and incredible stories right on our doorstep. Three cheers for Islington!

To see some of the historical maps Michelle showed us click here.

duke feb 1

duke feb 2 duke feb 3 duke feb 4 duke feb elena feb local feb local maps feb maps feb old house feb old photos feb 5

Join us for another exclusive preview of the British Museum’s next exhibition – ‘Life and death in Pompeii and Herculaneum’

20 FREE tickets are now available to people over 55 in Islington – just call to sign up – first come first serve!

Sunday 24th March – call for entry times on 0207 281 6018.

‘AD 79. In just 24 hours, two cities in the Bay of Naples, southern Italy, were buried by a  catastrophic eruption  of Mount Vesuvius.  Preserved  under ash, their  rediscovery  nearly 1,700 years later provided an  unparalleled  glimpse into the daily life of the  Roman Empire.
Starting with the  bustling street, and moving  through the intimate spaces of  a  home, you will be transported  into the lives  of ordinary Romans nearly 2,000 years ago, before  devastation  struck. From the atrium to  the garden,  bedroom and dining room, this personal  journey will  reveal parallels with our own lives today.
With over 20  years since  the last major exhibition on Pompeii in the UK, recent  discoveries  alongside celebrated objects, including  body casts, will  reveal new insights into this highly captivating and  human story.
An  unmissable exhibition.’
The British Museum

Image: Portrait of  baker Terentius Neo and his wife. Pompeii, AD 55–  79. ©  DeAgostini/SuperStock.

Ice Age Art – Arrival of the Modern Mind was another fantastic afternoon enjoyed by Age UK Islington’s clients last Sunday. Viewing carvings from over 40,000 years ago one attendee said:

I was amazed such intricate objects were made then. I always imagined people of that time going around with clubs and boulders!

Another said:

It was very enjoyable. The pieces were fascinating – they even had one of a man’s body with a lion’s head. To think people over 40,000 years ago were so creative, and with such crude tools!

One attendee, currently studying anthropology and psychology, also attended the curator’s talk by Jill Cook which he said was so fascinating he has now signed up to six more talks at The British Museum! He said:

It was really interesting and a lot of it was new to me. I would recommend anyone going to see it!

We will certainly be back for more, so thank you British Museum!


Age UK Islington Activities has been offered 10 FREE tickets to see the preview of the Ice Age Art exhibition on Sunday 3rd February. Please contact us now for your FREE ticket – call Activities Manager Ellie Shipman on 0207 281 6018 to book.

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