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We are very pleased to announce a special event taking place at

The Arc Centre with The British Museum on Tuesday 9th April from 10.30am – 12pm.

The British Museum have very kindly offered us an object handling workshop with artist Chloe Cooper. We will be handling objects and artefacts from the museum’s collections and trying our own Ice Age style carving into soap.

We also have some more tickets for a community preview on Saturday 25th May.

Call Ellie now to book your place on either – or both! Places are limited so we will be on a first come first serve basis. Contact us – 0207 281 6018

Photo credits: The British Museum

Today artist Michelle was our guest at the Duke of Cambridge Get Together as she ran a lovely session on local history. Bringing in maps spanning decades and even centuries gone by we compared past and present, also drawing on the Get Together-ees’ own experiences and memories, as well as their own photos, books and stories from the area. Many found they had known the same shop owners, the histories of local buildings, attended the same schools and got married in the same churches. It was a lovely way to connect people and a great illustration of the wealth of knowledge and incredible stories right on our doorstep. Three cheers for Islington!

To see some of the historical maps Michelle showed us click here.

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