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Cake and conversation at the Hilton, Upper Street

We will be there again on Friday 11th April at 10.30 until 12 noon. Join us. The chef shares cooking and preparation tips with you. Enjoy company and a cuppa.

Every Monday we head down to Café Cucina 327 on Caledonian Road for our coffee afternoon from 3.30 – 5pm. Yesterday we had a special treat from Cucina 327 as one of their talented chefs Martina taught us how to make our own Ragu – and then we got to try it too!

Thank you Café Cucina 327! Looking forward to coffee next week.

If you would like to join us at Café Cucina just pop in every Monday (except Bank Hols) from 3.30 – 5pm.

For more information call Activities Manager Ellie Shipman on 0207 281 6018.

cucina demo 3.06.13 cucina george 3.06.13 cucina group 3.06.13 cucina guys 3.06.13

pips dish 29.05.13

pips dish 29.05.13 2

pips dish 29.05.13 3

There is such a thing as a free lunch! And it is carrying on until July!

Join us every Wednesday from 12.30 – 2pm for a FREE homemade lunch from brilliant cook Bruno at Pips Dish.

Share your food memories and meet new local people over a delicious homemade feast – for free! One of our clients said:

Pips Dish has brought colour into my diet and improved the quality of what I eat. I have made new friends and even bumped into an old one who I hadn’t seen in years!

Call Activities Manager Ellie to book your place on 0207 281 6018.

Booking essential as places are limited.

Join us tomorrow for our last lunch in the Get Togethers we have been running with Pips Dish.

Local people over 55 join us for a delicious meal lovingly handmade by Bruno and the gang.

pips meringue

Our clients have had the most wonderful time over the past few months. One summed it up this morning saying:

Thank you – it’s been brilliant – absolutely superb! I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people – and the delicious food of course!

Call Activities Manager Ellie Shipman to book your FREE place tomorrow – 12.30 – 2pm – on 0207 281 6018

Hope to see you there!


On Wednesday at our afternoon Get Together at The Arc Centre we had a special guest from Cubitt Gallery – artist Emily who came to talk to us about her project The Cake Museum, which will take place in the form of two workshops running up to Cubitt’s Spring Ball.

Cubitt Gallery are working with local people to create a tea dance and Spring Ball on Mon 27th May from 7 – 9pm (doors open at 6.30pm) at Islington Town Hall, Upper Street, N1 2UD


Emily told us about her project The Cake Museum. She is inviting you to share your stories or your favourite cake recipe over a cup of tea and a slice of cake in workshops to go towards the ball! The Cake Museum workshops:

Thurs 16th May –11am – 1pm – Claremont Project,
23 – 27 White Lion St, N1 9PD

Saturday 18th May –12 – 2pm – St Luke’s Centre,
90 Central St, EC1V 8AJ

Come and here more about The Cake Museum with Emily at The Duke of Cambridge Get Together on Monday 13th May from 12 – 2pm. 33 St Peters St, Angel.

Call Ellie for more details on 0207 281 6018.

We also enjoyed some card making, and made some wonderful creations!

arc cards 2 arc cards

Cucina front image

Monday afternoons are always an enjoyable occasion as we Get Together (3.30 – 5pm)at Cafe Cucina 327 on Caledonian Road for a good chat and a cuppa.

We had a lovely chat with local people and even signed up a new client as we got talking over the news of the day.

We are also planning more Italian cooking demonstrations in the next few weeks so come along to tell us what you would like to learn – from simple sauces to risotto the chef Valentino can show us how!

Call Ellie for more information on 0207 281 6018

Hope to hear from you soon!

Pips Dish put on another fabulous feast for us this Wednesday as we told our food stories to each other. The chef Bruno again delighted everyone with his fantastic creations of fish stew and vegeatable soup to start.

The stories shared amongst Get Togetherees were fascinating – from childhoods in Scotland spent eating stew and dumplings on the rare occasions the weekly dinner schedule was broken (never varied for 15 years), to mothers with no idea about food (“Lettuce would come with a slug, apples had maggots and meat with tubes in!”), to poverty stricken dinners of boiled rice with jam.

There were longings for traditional stuffed hearts and faggots (“Kids these days would turn their nose up!”) or Hungarian goulash and strudel on the rare days a father was at home, to the fond memories of the cockle and winkle man coming round, and being treated to a pile of toast to go with them.

Pie and Mash was also a shared London memory, with memories of the live eels outside the shop on Chapel Market and children watching as they were beheaded and gutted whilst still alive (“We must have been very sadistic!”). More gory tales arose of rabbits bled and hanging over sinks for stew and children hiding as mothers headed off to kill chickens.

We spoke of the missed regularity of yellow split pea soup every Thursday in a Swedish childhood to comemorate the poisoning of a Swedish King, to Italian mothers in war time England making fresh pasta with dried egg.

It was another lovely afternoon. Join us next time – PLEASE CALL TO SIGN UP as places are limited (and only available for over 55s living in Islington) – 0207 281 6018.

Every Wednesday from 12.30 – 2pm, Pips Dish, 133B Upper Street

Feb Pips Dish group

Bruno explains the background of the project to the group – managing to avoid the cheeky heckling!

FEB Pips Dish fish

Fish is prepared and baked ready for the stew. Delicious!

Monday saw a fantastic Italian cooking demonstration (and taster!) from chef Valentino at Cafe Cucina 327. Delicious smells wafted through the cosy cafe as Valentino showed us the different stages of creating a basic pasta and tomato dish and a lovely mushroom (fungi!)  risotto. Every had a lovely time smelling, tasting and watching as Valentino chopped, boiled and stirred the fresh Italian ingredients to create the two dishes. We were lucky enough to have more than a generous taster each and left feeling full and very satisfied – now to recreate it at home!

Join us every Monday for the regular coffee afternoon from 3.30 – 5pm at Cafe Cucina 327, on the corner of Lyon Street off Caledonian Road.

Valentino shows us the basics of making a good sauce.

Lovely gourds in the cafe.

Valentino tosses parmesan (parmiggiano) into the pasta dish – he says it’s better to coat it all at once to spread the flavour rather than add it at the end.

poster pic

The finished mushroom risotto – Valentino says to not stir the risotto rice as it will make it too creamy and starchy, rather add butter at the end.

The tomato sauce is seasoned with herbs and ready for the pasta.

Our very generous taster portions!

All gone!

culpeper plot

Join us Wednesday afternoons from 1.30 – 3.30pm at Culpeper Garden in Angel for gardening and cooking.

Culpeper Garden have an allotment space for us to decide how to use – so gather ideas for your favourite herbs to grow and even try cooking some potato and wild garlic soup!

1.30 – 3.30pm
Culpeper Garden
1 Cloudesley Road, N1
(behind Sainsbury’s car park through Culpeper Park)

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