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Yesterday our regular Monday Get Together (3.30 – 5pm) at Café Cucina 327 developed a new photography project with Peter Kyte from Urban Fotog.

Moving on from our exploration of the architecture and external environment around Cally Road, this session was all about us! Everyone was invited to bring along an object or item of personal significance to them and, using Peter’s mini lighting system, we documented and shared our stories around these objects with each other to print into postcards to sell at The Cally Fest this September.

From sepia postcards of Islington’s glamorous past, to a handmade silver ring, photos of one attendee’s Brazilian parents, to a funny stone pig kept safely in a sock, there was an array of eclectic and fascinating souvenirs from an equally eclectic and fascinating group of people!

It was a lovely afternoon of sharing stories over fantastic Italian coffee, and one which won’t be soon forgotten.

Join us at Cucina 327 next week for a chat and a cuppa, and share your stories!

Call Activities Manager Ellie Shipman on 0207 281 6018 for more information, or just pop in.

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SilverAction 2

SilverAction 1

SilverAction 3

Sunday 3rd February saw hundreds of women around 60 years old share their stories with a live audience as they ‘performed’ their conversations as part of Suzanne Lacy’s ‘Silver Action’ project.

Typists typed live feeds of individuals’ stories which appeared on a projected screen behind them in real time as they spoke, allowing the audience to read along with them. Meanwhile, groups of four at yellow square tables discussed key questions around being a women today, their challenges, influences, memories and ambitions as well as their interest and experience of activism and women’s rights.

Fascinating stories and very personal moments were shared across the tables, as well as by audience members of all ages who were invited to listen in. Our clients thoroughly enjoyed being part of an artwork, making new friends and opening up to new people throughout the afternoon. Lacy put older women centre stage, and opened eyes to the wealth of knowledge, experience and fantastic inspiration which that can provide.

See more live posts on the Silver Action blogs here.

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