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Sunday 3rd February saw hundreds of women around 60 years old share their stories with a live audience as they ‘performed’ their conversations as part of Suzanne Lacy’s ‘Silver Action’ project.

Typists typed live feeds of individuals’ stories which appeared on a projected screen behind them in real time as they spoke, allowing the audience to read along with them. Meanwhile, groups of four at yellow square tables discussed key questions around being a women today, their challenges, influences, memories and ambitions as well as their interest and experience of activism and women’s rights.

Fascinating stories and very personal moments were shared across the tables, as well as by audience members of all ages who were invited to listen in. Our clients thoroughly enjoyed being part of an artwork, making new friends and opening up to new people throughout the afternoon. Lacy put older women centre stage, and opened eyes to the wealth of knowledge, experience and fantastic inspiration which that can provide.

See more live posts on the Silver Action blogs here.

This Sunday alone we have four fantastic activities taking place which we are hugely excited about. We still have room for more at some so get in touch if you would like to join us!

– Trip to The British Museum’s Ice Age Art exhibition full to the brim!

– Performing at the Tate Modern for the Silver Action piece at 1.30 – 2pm – Come and see us there! FREE to attend to hear some inspiring and fascinating stories.

– King Henry’s Walk Garden (just off Balls Pond Road) – 2 – 3.30pm – Beer tasting and brewing ale with a real ale enthusiast! Room for more!

– Sobell Leisure Centre, Hornsey Road – 4 – 6pm – Table tennis, tea and cards with a brilliant (and competitive!) group – Room for more!

Friday was a very exciting afternoon for Age UK Islington activities as we ventured south to Tate Modern to take part in preparatory workshops for artist Suzanne Lacy’s project ‘Silver Action’.

From discussing the most significant item in our handbags to pin-pointing key moments in our history on a huge timeline to making links and reinterpreting images around women’s history we had an insightful and fascinating afternoon.

We were then shown the Tanks themselves – huge ex-oil tanks turned performance space where we will become part of Suzanne Lacy’s performance next Sunday 3rd February from 1.30 – 2pm – come along to hear our stories in action!

See what Suzanne says about her work here.

The work has also been reported on in the Guardian – read all about it here.

Meeting artist Suzanne Lacy (second from left) and talking about the significant things we carry around.

Pic - with Suzanne LacyTate timeline

Adding our memories, political history and personal key moments to the timeline, sharing ideas and interpretation of the postcards and engaging in some fantastic conversation!

Pic - Chinese Assoc and photoHands and photos

From the highest view from the Tate… right down to the darkest depths of the Tanks!

Tate viewTanks


Age UK Islington has been invited by Tate Modern to be part of a work of art by performance artist Suzanne Lacy called ‘Silver Action’. We will be bringing a group of twelve ladies to the Tate Modern tomorrow for a workshop to become part of the performance exploring themes around women, women in activism and opening up conversation about what it is like to be a woman around 60 years old today.

The performance (starring Age UK Islington’s clients!) will be open to the public on Sunday 3rd February. Come along to see us in action and have your say in the debate! Call to find out more and we hope to see you there.

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