Get Together Stories

Here are some stories from you – our clients and attendees of Get Togethers.

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Erlinda’s Story

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About Erlinda

Erlinda, now 55, is an Islington resident originally from the Phillipines. She joined Age UK Islington as a Get Together volunteer host and is now also an activities attendee.

Erlinda and Get Togethers

Erlinda has recently signed up as a volunteer for Age UK Islington, throwing herself in to hosting different Get Togethers and encouraging more people to get involved. So far Erlinda has hosted Get Togethers at Sobell Leisure Centre and Freightliners Farm, as well as joining in as a service user at Pips Dish.

What Get Togethers mean to Erlinda

In her own words, Erlinda kindly told us about her experience hosting and attending the Get Togethers:

‘I find hosting our Get Together very exciting and I look forward to every opportunity because everyone who joins in each time is new.  Each one has a different story to tell and they are original.

I call [the Get Togethers] a club of like minded people. People who want to be out and about to enjoy, chat, exercise, do handicrafts, see interesting places tucked in the city or simply go out for     a breath of fresh air. Our guests are delightful and I definitely enjoy their company. I would like to join in more activities in the near future.’

What Erlinda means to Get Togethers

Erlinda has encouraged clients from one to another, bringing a first time client she met at Sobell along with her to Pips Dish, giving that client the confidence to come alone and join in with other activities Age UK Islington offer. Erlinda has also been promoting the Get Togethers to her own friends, bringing in new clients to the Get Togethers and allowing Age UK Islington to reach further into the over 50s community.

Mrs. Mohamed’s Story


About Mrs. Mohamed

Mrs. Mohamed is a 60 year old Islington resident and Somalian refugee who has been living in England for the past five years with her family. She joined Age UK Islington earlier this year for advice and is now a regular activities attendee.

Mrs. Mohamed and Get Togethers

Mrs. Mohamed is a new client who came to Age UK Islington for our Drop In advice. Mrs. Mohamed was very interested in the Activity Programme presented to her by the Activities Manager, taking all the information and attending Pips Dish Get Together that very afternoon!

What Get Togethers mean to Mrs. Mohamed

   ‘I love it! I feel more confident, have more to do now and every week is different. Before coming to the Get Togethers I wasn’t involved in any [social] activities, now I’ve made new friends.’

The Get Togethers have increased Mrs. Mohamed’s confidence as well as enabling her to make new friends. Mrs Mohamed has been attending the Pips Dish Get Together regularly since then, sharing Somalian recipes from her home country (see picture) and having some great conversations. She has made very good friends with another client who picks her up and makes sure she knows where to go for different activities. They have since attended Angel Boat together as well as a tour to the Clarity Factory employing visually-impaired people.

What Mrs. Mohamed means to Get Togethers

Mrs Mohamed has also been so impressed with Age UK Islington that she has asked if her daughter Nada can volunteer with us. Nada now hosts the Pips Dish Get Together every week, expertly telling our clients about other activities and making everyone feel very welcome.

Isaac’s Story

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About Isaac

Isaac is a 76 year old Islington resident originally from Nigeria. He joined Age UK Islington earlier this year for advice and is now a regular activities attendee.

Isaac and Get Togethers

Isaac became involved in Age UK Islington’s Get Togethers after being invited by the Activities Manager to King Henry’s Walk Garden Get Together. Isaac was also told about the other Get Togethers there, and has since come along to Pips Dish, Angel Boat, Andrea’s Café as well as on a trip to the Clarity Factory.

What Get Togethers mean to Isaac

The Get Togethers have helped Isaac find out what is happening for local people and how to get involved. He is now making contact with Men in Sheds and plans to come on the Angel boat trips in the new year.

What Isaac means to Get Togethers

Isaac has thrown himself in to the Get Togethers, making new friends and welcoming other clients to the extent of calling others to ensure they had the correct directions and arranging a meeting point to come in together. This has also boosted the confidence of other clients. Isaac has shared food memories of his home country Nigeria with chefs at Pips Dish, becoming a regular client and even bringing in recipe books.