During my time volunteering with Age UK, I have been continually surprised and very touched at the great level of warmth both the participants and organisers have to give.

It has been a lovely experience to build relationships with those attending different sessions, and as there is such a range of activities to assist with there is almost certainly something which any potential volunteer would enjoy.

Having switched sessions from an arts based activity (my work background) to a more leisure/sport based activity, I had expected that there would be aspects in the new role I didn’t enjoy quite as much. It proved to be the opposite, and the new session I feel is both an interesting change from my normal area of interest and one which can help inform other activities I may help out with.

Maggie has been volunteering with us for 6 months now hosting a free table tennis Get Together at Sobell Leisure Centre. Come and join her and the team!
Call Activities Manager Ellie Shipman for more information on 0207 281 6018.